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Cross Down
Fourth Wing
Happy Place
Near Miss
It Ends with Us
Clive Cussler Fire Strike
The Covenant of Water (Oprah's Book Club)
It Starts with Us
Lessons in Chemistry
Lady Tan's Circle of Women
Copyright Clarity
  • Author : Renee Hobbs
  • Category : Education

This jargon-free guide clarifies principles for applying copyright law to 21st-century education, discusses what is permissible in the classroom, and explores the fair use of digital materials....

  • Author : ESPHAN NG’ANG’A
  • Category : Education

Though sexuality is an important subject matter that should be taught in homes and in the church, it has been neglected and treated as inconsequential. Young and old alike look at sex as a taboo. The church and the home should be the most appropriate forums where sexuality could be openly discussed, but to the contrary, the message we have received from the church and the home is that sex is unholy and shouldn´t be discussed. These key institutions have little or nothing to discuss about sex. T...

Improving Inquiry in Social Science
  • Author : Richard E. Snow
  • Category : Education

This volume celebrates Lee J. Cronbach's considerable contributions to the methodology of social and behavioral science. Comprised of chapters written by colleagues and contemporaries of the highly influential scholar, it offers a range of ideas, perspectives, and new approaches to improving social science inquiry....

Peace Education and the Adult Learner
  • Author : Jason J. Campbell
  • Category : Political Science

Peace Education and the Adult Learner presents new educational models for teaching adult learners interested in peace education and conflict resolution. Instead of structuring a formulaic, process-based strategy of peace education, this book analyzes contemporary conflicts and contemplates possible strategies for resolution....

The Good Writing Guide for Education Students
  • Author : Dominic Wyse
  • Category : Education

Grappling with grammar? Worrying about referencing? This handy guide is packed with practical advice on how to search for reading materials, structure your academic writing, think critically, reference appropriately and use language effectively. ‘Top Tips’ throughout the book help eradicate all the common mistakes that bring your marks down. What′s new to the fourth edition? two brand new chapters on reading and writing critically activities at the end of each chapter to let you check and ...

Teaching The Commons
  • Author : Paul Theobald
  • Category : Education

Reaching all the way back to the classical and medieval past, Teaching the Commons chronicles ideas and resulting policies that have shaped contemporary rural life and living in much of the industrial West. The book examines philosophical assumptions and charts their evolution into conventional wisdom about how human beings should meet their needs, govern themselves, and educate their children. Further, this book examines how policies emanating from these assumptions have slowly eroded the vital...

Intelligence Tests for Children
  • Author : C.W. Valentine
  • Category : Psychology

Originally published in 1945, this title was intended mainly for use by teachers wishing to test children from ages 2-8 in order to establish their intelligence. Based on feedback to the author, this revised edition also includes tests for children up to the age of 15. The tests were used to give a teacher some idea of how much could be expected of each child, so that the class, when practicable, could be divided into groups of varying abilities, which could proceed at paces suited to their resp...

Do Martians Recycle
  • Author : Sharon Gribbin-Lindemon
  • Category : Education

If Martians are green without even trying, can Earthlings be green? Well of course they can. This is the quest of modern man. Find out how Earthlings become green in this lyrical book about recycling that dazzles with its beautiful illustrations....

Teaching about Teaching
  • Author : Tom Russell
  • Category : Education

Considers teacher education as an important aspects of the teaching profession and demonstrates why it is so important for higher education institutions to value their teacher educators' professional knowledge. The book demonstrates how teaching about teaching knowledge pedagogy is vital to the development of quality in teacher education and how this knowledge needs to be articulated and communicated throughout the teaching profession, both in schools and universities....

International Perspectives on Competence in the Workplace
  • Author : C.R. Velde
  • Category : Education

In the future a more competent workforce will be required as workers will have to acquire the competence to predict and deal with novel situations at work. This book aims to provide the reader with insightful perspectives about competence in different situations and contexts. It presents a more enlightened view of human competence by opening up an international dialogue about the meaning and interpretation of competence in the workplace, and the impact of learning environments on workplace polic...